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Known issues


Known Issues: Facebook sharing problem

If you are experiencing the error shown above when uploading, Go “settings”-“social”-“Facebook” and tap “disconnect”. And connect Facebook again.

It occurs after 6 months you connected irodori to Facebook. Anyways, we really appreciate that you are using our app more than 6 months… and apologize for inconvenience.

We expect the issue will be cleared in coming release.

irodori for iOS 1.2 is released


The latest version of irodori is now released.

We have some new features to show you in this latest version.

Additional Features

1.Now you can share with Instagram!


Integrated with great photo app.
Tap to activate “instagram” button in editing screen. After you complete uploading a photo, you will see “share with instagram” button appeared on the top of the app. It directs you to Instagram with the photo you’ve taken.

You can also share your photo with instagram from individual photo page whenever you want.(only for photos of your own)

2. LED Light ON/OFF


The LED light lets you shoot vividly contrasted photos. Just tap flashlight button when you are taking a photo.


Memory related problems reduced.